Thursday, August 16, 2012

Recently Named Ceramic Mug: Deer Fingers
Created: July 2012
By: yours truly

My name is Andrea Goings. I am currently a senior and my focus just so happens to be art. With that being said, I must tell you that a lot of this blog will in fact be my art. I was recently given an assignment to start a journal of some sort to display my day-to-day activites throughout the class. Obviously, I decided on a live journal, and my first assignment is a bike.....not just any ordinary bike but a refurbished bike (the best kind.) I am currently looking for one as I type. In a nutshell, the conditions of this bike are.....
#1 It has to be a rideable piece of art
#2 70% of all attached items have to be recycled
......So.... I am not really bounded by limits on this project. I have other projects that I will be maintaining while I work on this and will definitely be posting photos soon. If any one of my family, friends, or readers has an old bike they would like to donate or let me purchase at a college student's price plllleassseee feel free to let me know. I might be able to trade some of my art pieces, ceramic mugs, etc.

It's a start.

This blog is in short a summary of my life, with a key focus on my environmental art projects, and my last year as a college student. Enjoy!